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The video spokesperson directory provides comprehensive information about website spokesperson services around the world. A video spokesperson, talking head, or walk-on actor greets visitors to a website and helps the website to communicate its target message effectively.

According to the Harvard Business School report Empathy: The Brand Equity of Retail "An empathetic salesperson can make the difference between a customer's decision to shop in a store vs. online". However, the opposite is even truer. The human experience of a video spokesperson on a business' website can make the difference between a customer buying from that website vs. from a store or another website.

What is a Video Spokesperson?

A video spokesperson is a spokesperson who virtually appears on a website to greet visitors. A Video spokesperson typically features a transparent background, resulting in the appearance of a borderless video of a person standing on a website. This effect is quite dramatic, and is considered to be more life-like than traditional YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Video spokesperson technology first emerged in 2003 with the birth of alpha-layer flash, and since then, numerous services have come to market with these types of website talking products.

Companies providing video spokesperson services can be found around the world, and they offer a wide variety of options for website owners looking to put a live virtual greeter on their webpage.

A video spokesperson on your website can enhance your business.

Video Spokesperson Example

A website spokesperson can talk and walk-on a websites, greet people who visit your website, and serve as a talking head on your website. They can also be integrated with YouTube and other social video services.

This directory provides an up-to-date and complete list of resources related to video spokesperson services. The directory aims to objectively assist consumers in exploring their options. The video spokesperson directory was last updated in August of 2019.

List of Video Spokesperson Resources

The resources listed below strive to comprehensively list video spokesperson services available, including brief descriptions to help you quickly review your options.

Video Spokesperson Services With Real Actors

WebsiteTalkingHeads - Ranked #1 on Multiple Review Sites. ()

Model2Web Video Spokesperson - Extremely low cost videos.    ()

VSP WorldWide - Marketing videos in flash and YouTube formats. Pricing is not shown on website.

Overweb3d - Video spokesperson service with monthly service options.

LiveActor - Offers video spokespersons, voice-overs, and video banners/headers.

iSpeakVideo - Interactive spokespersons for websites and Facebook.

LiveFaceOnWeb - One of the original video spokesperson companies. Higher price-points.

Laser Stream Video - A quality video spokesperson company with top video and audio.

WalkOnVideo -Video Spokesperson company based in California.

YourWebsiteSpokesperson - Charges monthly, and videos appear to have slightly jagged edges.

VideoSpokesModels - Video Spokesmodels and custom advertising solutions.

Creative WalkOns - Very blurry video and has has excessive echo. Lapel microphones are visible.

Spokesperson Factory - Smaller Video Spokesperson Service. Blurry lighting and audio.

 vdoLife - Video Spokesperson service. Videos' audio have an echo issue.

InnovateMedia - Custom video spokesperson solutions. Based in California.

WalkOnSite - Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, this company has great audio but poor video quality.

Impact Spokesperson - Extremely high-echo in audio (listen with headphones!)

Virtual Live Actors - Sharp video spokesperson presentations, but high price-point. - Low quality video and statically unclear audio. Based in Florida.

Video Marketing Made Easy - Versatile video marketing services.

WebsiteTalkingHeads - A spokesperson company based in Utah.

PagePerson - A spokesperson company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

My Virtual Salesperson - Older website. It is unclear if the company is still up and running. - A spokesperson company based in Kitchener, Ontario Canada.

Video Spokesperson Services With Animations/Cartoons

SitePal - Computer generated cartoons and voices. Requires monthly fees. (Not real actors)

Living Actor Presenter - Similar to SitePal's talking cartoons. Less persuasive than real actors.

Zwinky - Very fun and original concept. Convert yourself into a talking animation.

Voki - Free service similar to Sitepal, but voices sound less natural.

Beema - Create custom talking animations using famous products, celebrity animations, and more.

Talking Avatars - Custom talking avatars, but low quality.

Gravity Design Studios - Very lifelike 3d actors and avatars. Premium quality. - The Most Complete Video Spokesperson Directory | Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved